Billanook Primary School offers German language from Foundation through to Level 6 and has a strong commitment to promoting a love for language learning. Studying another language enhances not only the students’ intercultural competence, but it also boosts their cognitive development in a wide range of areas, like literacy, numeracy and overall problem-solving.

With an emphasis on communicative, game-oriented exercises and songs the students become increasingly familiar with the sound and use of the language. Authentic resources, creative tasks and a variety of different media including interactive whiteboard activities enable the students to extend their conversational and written language competences. Specific units are taught through the CLIL approach (Content and Language Integrated Learning), where students learn about another subject in German language. Intercultural learning also plays a vital role in German language acquisition with customs, traditions and festivities being presented and discussed during classes. Audiovisual clips about modern German culture provide the learners with crucial moments of cross-cultural analysis between German speaking countries and Australia.

Each term, we celebrate student achievement in our German Language Program at a colourful ‘German Assembly’ with the whole-school community. Our students are also encouraged to take part in competitions like the ‘German School Film Festival’ (Goethe-Institut Melbourne) and the ‘German Poetry Competition’ (AGTV). During a luncheon at the Hofbrӓuhaus Melbourne, our Level 6 students celebrate their great level of German at the end of their primary school time and once every two years the whole school enjoys an entire day full of German language and culture during our ‘Billanook Oktoberfest’.