Literacy Support

A commitment to helping every student achieve their best is shared by all staff at Billanook. We recognise that literacy skills are essential to wider learning success and an engaging and inclusive classroom program is developed. To ensure that all students thrive within this structure, additional literacy support is provided. The Literacy Support staff work closely with all classroom teachers by supporting students with additional needs on an individual or small group basis.
Current programing includes:
• additional Phonemic Awareness sessions which support children to engage more fully within the classroom setting.
• additional Guided Reading sessions for groups requiring extra instruction or more frequent practice of reading skills. Reading Recovery strategies are included.
• the Radical Readers program which is provided for students from Levels two to six. It provides very specific phonics instruction and practice as well as opportunities to develop fluency and comprehension skills when reading. It is based on Australian research and makes use of the MULTILIT resource.
• parent participation and education. Workshop opportunities are provided to upskill parents and to enable them to actively participate in their children’s literacy learning. Many parents accept our invitation and their active support helps students to gain maximum improvement and confidence.