Mentoring Program

At Billanook Primary School we are very lucky to have a large group of retired men and women who volunteer their time to work with some of our students. These Mentors come in once a week and work with particular students who may benefit from a bit of extra one on one attention and support. Our Mentors form a strong relationship with these selected students and spend a half an hour or so with them each week. We carefully match the right Mentor to each student. Each Mentor has particular skills and interests and they use these to support their students. These skills include craft, gardening, sport and reading but the most valuable thing they do is talk. Whilst getting involved in these activities, the Mentors talk to the students and listen to them. They pass on their advice, wisdom and life experiences. The kids absolutely love this time in their week and we receive nothing but positive feedback from parents and students who are involved. We see this Student Wellbeing program as one of extreme importance and   we are very grateful that we have such wonderful volunteers who are passionate about working with our students. We are very lucky to have them and to be able to offer such a valuable program.