Out Of School Hours Care

Billanook Primary has an outstanding OSHCare program, led by our coordinator Ann who is a Billanook staff member. Billanook School Council oversees the OSHCare program, valuing this service to our community.

Our OSHCare kids have come up with their own Acrostic Poem to describe life before and after school.

O Original Activities

S Smiling, safe, social, skipping

H Happy, help each other, Hama beads

C Caring, culturally diverse, choices

A Awesome, amazing

R Really fun, relaxing, roller boards, running

E Exciting, energetic

OSHCare offers a relaxing, safe and caring environment. Choices of outside physical activities and crafts everyday with plenty of time for social interaction and creative play. The children also enjoy a healthy breakfast and after school snacks.

Operating Times:
Before School Care 7.00-9.45am – Cost $10.00

After School Care 3.30-6.00pm – Cost $16.00
*CCB Government rebates apply

Download the OSHCARE enrolment form

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