School Profile

School Profile
At Billanook Primary School we aim to provide a safe, nurturing, dynamic learning community that caters for the uniqueness of each student. We provide an environment and curriculum that challenges students to achieve to their highest potential and that develops knowledge, skills and resilience to be successful global citizens.

Within our learning community the Tribes process underpins teaching and learning, guides our interactions and relationships and is modelled in all operational processes of the school. Billanook Primary School community has a consistent and positive approach to behaviour and uses the Tribes process and Restorative Practices, to foster a school climate where personal responsibility and self-discipline are developed.

Mutual Respect
Affirming the value and uniqueness of each person. Treating others the way you would like to be treated; recognising and appreciating individual and cultural differences; and offering feedback that encourages growth.

Behaviours evident when this value is show

  • Attentive Listening
    Paying close attention to one another’s expression of ideas, opinions and feelings; checking for understanding and to let others know that they have been heard. Concentrating to ensure learning instructions are understood.
  • Personal Best
    Aiming to improve on your own personal efforts; striving towards an optimum level across all aspects of the curriculum.
  • Appreciations/ No Put Downs
    Treating others kindly; stating appreciation for unique qualities, gifts, skills and contributions; avoiding negative remarks, name calling, hurtful gestures and behaviours.

Environmental Context
Billanook Primary School is located 42 km east of the city of Melbourne in the picturesque foothills of the Dandenong Ranges. The school has a Student Family Occupation Density of 0.4. Children travel from Montrose and surrounding suburbs, including The Basin, Boronia, Kalorama, Kilsyth and Mount Evelyn. Within our current enrolment of 400 students, we have very few students from non-English speaking homes and limited diversity in cultural backgrounds. To extend our connection with other cultures and develop further global citizenship, we have forged a sister school relationship with Wujiang Luxiang Experimental Primary School in the Jiangsu Province, China.

The Billanook Primary School teaching staff are a dynamic and highly qualified group of professionals. They are committed to achieving the school’s goals and strive for continuous improvement. We are fortunate to have had stable leadership during the history of the school- four long term principals over thirty years. The staff profile reflects a balance of experienced teachers and recent graduates. We are fortunate to have a gender mix to provide a variety of role models for children. Education support staff enrich our program provision and provide administrative support. Team ethos is strongly supported by all staff and is a key feature of the school, alongside a culture of improving professional practice.

Billanook Primary School is committed to maximising educational opportunities for all students using Ausvels. The cross curriculum priorities of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures, Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia and Sustainability will be embedded in all learning areas. The Tribes process underpins teaching and learning, guides our interactions and relationships and is modelled in all operational processes of the school. Classroom programs are enhanced and supported by specialist teachers in Library, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Languages (German) and Physical Education. Literacy Support, Radical Readers, Phonemic Awareness and other enrichment and support programs cater for students with individual needs. An integration program is devised for those students who meet discrete funding criteria.

The school has a highly regarded program for the integration of students with disabilities.

The school strongly supports investigative learning and student engagement through innovative teaching practice using the Principles of Teaching and Learning and the E5 model. ICT is a feature of the school using a networked system. Staff utilise the computer laboratory, laptops, interactive whiteboards, IPADs, digital cameras and IPOD touches to enrich and support class programs. We have installed Soundfield surround sound systems, enhancing the clarity of sound within many learning spaces and maximising the learning environment. Students participate in a variety of educational and extra curricula opportunities to support our philosophy of educating the whole child.  Our students also have the opportunity to participate in our whole school productions and a range of Performing Arts opportunities. Students are supported through our Chaplaincy program, Tribes Groups and visiting professionals, including an educational psychologist, social worker, school nurse, medical and health stream and hearing impaired visiting teachers and speech pathologist.

Parents and Staff form an active partnership in the policy decision making processes of the school, the delivery of quality learning programs and the promotion of a caring school community. An active School Council and Parents’ Group strengthen the community partnership. The involvement of parents in class  programs, special events, fundraising and grounds maintenance is a feature of the school. We utilise local experts as well as community facilities.

Effective communication between teachers and parents is facilitated through publications, newsletters, e-mail, school website, blogs, Ultranet, information sessions, personal contact, student reports, parent training programs and special events involving the whole school community. Some features of the community program are Fathers’ Fortnight, Education Week and the Community night. An Out of School Hours Care program caters for the needs of children before and after school and on Curriculum Days.

Billanook Primary School has attractive air conditioned classrooms situated in a beautiful natural environment. The school is well equipped with a German Language Room, Reading Recovery Centre, Art Room, Library, Computer Lab, Hall, Canteen and Multipurpose Building, providing a full size indoor basketball court and Performing Arts centre.

The grounds are well maintained and students are actively involved in planting and caring for the environment. Tending a vegetable patch, gardening and utilising composting, supports our Sustainable Schools program. As an accredited Sustainable School we actively support an awareness of environmental issues and management strategies for waste, water, energy and biodiversity. We promote walking to school, reducing energy consumption, recycling, rubbish free lunches and utilise tank water for all student toilet flushing. This program is supported by an environmental policy, curriculum implementation and Sustainability teams of both staff and student leaders.

As well as a gravelled fitness track, we have several all-weather playing surfaces. An oval, basketball courts, playgrounds, shaded sandpit, outdoor chess tables, shaded seating areas, art installations, fitness stations, minor games asphalt areas and natural gully provide an attractive school environment for learning and student wellbeing.

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