Student Wellbeing

Chaplaincy at Billanook

Billanook Primary School has a high priority on partnering with families to ensure the wellbeing of the students is nurtured and developed. As part of this priority we have chaplaincy program. One of the key roles of the chaplain is to be available to provide ‘pastoral care’ for students and the community.

Billanook Primary highly values each and every student and their general wellbeing. We strongly believe that all students have the right to feel safe and happy at school and the chaplaincy program is a major part of supporting this belief.

The chaplain is often involved with students and families around issues such as grief and loss, friendship challenges, the management of emotions and managing ‘change’. The chaplain also participates in the school camping program, the delivery of the programs such as ‘Seasons for Growth’ (grief and loss), S.K.I.P.S. (mental health), as well as delivering classroom wellbeing lessons. The chaplain is available in the playground at recess times for students to come and chat at need.

The chaplaincy program is not a religious education delivery program. Parental permission is required before pastoral care sessions occur.