First Day Of School

Parents often ask, “How can I help my child on the first day of school?”

Be Positive

If you have a positive attitude and look forward to the first day of school your child will probably do the same.

Arrive On Time

If you arrive too early and need to wait, children may grow anxious.  It is better to arrive and walk straight into class.

Leave Cheerfully

Don’t linger.  If you stay too long children often sense that you are concerned and they do not settle.  Most children settle quickly and are excited about their new and fascinating surroundings.  Occasionally we have tears but these soon go once parents leave and children become engrossed in activities such as building, painting, drawing and the home corner.

Discuss any Fears About School Before the First Day

Commonly children may ask, “Who’s going to meet me after school?  Who’s going to help me?  Will the other kids like me?  What happens when I go to the toilet?”

Reassure your child.  Our transition program helps overcome these fears.

What to Bring

When your child starts school there are a number of items that he/she will be required to bring to school.  The following list, details what is needed:

  1. Library Bag
  2. Slippers (optional for wear indoors).


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